ONK 2013

Dear Colleagues!

The program committee and organizers of the 13th National Conference on Education would like to welcome you. In the name of the Pedagogical Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, we would like to invite you to the conference, held now for the 13th time. We look forward to providing a forum for the presentation of new empirical and theoretical findings, both by distinguished members of the community of scholars in Hungary and by members of the next generation of experts on pedagogy. We are confident that, as it has in years past, the conference will serve as a site for the exchange of innovative ideas and approaches that pay homage to and enrich the fine traditions of scholarship in Hungary.

The Conference will be held on:

November 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2013

at the

Eszterházy Károly College

3300 Eger, Eszterházy tér 1.

The 13th National Conference on Education will focus on contemporary scholarship on pedagogy in Hungary, addressing questions regarding the values that have formed the foundation of public education and teacher training in the past and the tasks that await us in the future. This reckoning of the moment to which we currently bear witness, a time when the nature and role of public education are both undergoing reassessment, is encapsulated in the title of the conference:

Shifting Lifestyles – Educational Spaces New and Old

The following distinguished scholars are members of the program committee of the conference:

  • Jenõ Bárdos
  • András Benedek
  • Iván Falus
  • Andrea Kárpáti
  • Katalin Kéri
  • Lajos Kis-Tóth (president)
  • Tamás Kozma
  • Béla Pukánszky
  • Éva Szabolcs
  • Zoltán Tóth

Permanent guests: Benõ Csapó, Anikó Fehérvári (vice-president, Hungarian Educational Research Association), Zoltán Hauser, Bertalan Komenczi
Secretary: Réka Racsko

The organizing committee of the conference is comprised of the following people:

  • Zoltán Csernai (webmaster)
  • Sándor Forgó (co-president)
  • Lajos Kis-Tóth (president)
  • Mrs. József Kovács (financial affairs)
  • Pál Lászlófy (representing the Organization of Romanian Hungarian Pedagoges)
  • Tamás Soós (specialist in the information sciences)
  • Mrs. Zsuzsanna Szabó Kiss (secretary)
  • András Tarnóc (international relations)

With warmest greetings and thanks for your interest,

Dr. Lajos Kis-Tóth Réka Racsko
Institute Director Assistant Instructor
Conference President Conference Secretary
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